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History has been developing business websites since 1996. Directory type county and city websites soon followed. These directories help drive local Internet traffic to businesses websites. This unique mix, county/city directories, and rich content local business websites proved to be popular. A local business soon realized they needed exposure to people across the country, as well as the prospective customer base close to them. helped provide just that.

Without the county/city tie-in, rich content and fantastic internet marketing techniques offered by, little or no traffic results. Online consumers generally use nationally orientated search engines, and if a sought-after business site doesn't come up on the first page or two on a search results list, very few people will ever see that website. The company's unique product is designed to get past this problem. has since been actively engaged in the establishment of an effective Internet presence for thousands of Mid-Atlantic firms and professionals.

Operations, Inc. hosts and markets over 300 counties spread across the United States. The company is actively expanding their footprint.

Important Client/Customers
A sampling of some of the websites of our customers can be viewed by visiting the samples page or any of our county or city directories.

Unique Market Position easily distinguishes itself from other web based directory organizations by actually providing rich local content for its county-based directory service. Far from just a phone number and address, actually visits with its client/customers, develops custom text, gathers all important facts, and photographs the business (and often the principals) before designing a customized website including a domain name. Sites are designed to provide any shopper with relevant information quickly and easily.

A high percentage of the company's customers already have their own websites, but they are frequently unhappy with the results of their sites. The company has developed proprietary techniques that generate high rates of desirable traffic to these websites. A comprehensive statistics package quickly proves this effectiveness. Websites are attractively priced, don't require a long-term commitment, and can be up and running in a week or two. Our product is simple to use, quick and satisfying.

The company utilizes the most advanced website design tools available, and all customer websites are hosted on the most modern and dependable servers. 24/7 availability is assured with redundant servers, highly competent engineers and web masters manage our systems around the clock. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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