Pay Per Click Campaigns

The, Inc. team has been in the search engine optimization business since 1996, before even Google existed. The group who works on PayPerClick campaigns has a combined experience of over 25 years. We have been running PPC campaigns for years. It is a complex business and the little details can make a big difference in results. When you hire us to run your campaign, you benefit from our years of experience.

How we do it:

We start with settings. Desktop or mobile, or both? Display networks or just Google pages? What geographic areas do we want to cover? We create a custom coverage map for each campaign.

We budget. Budgeting includes the amount we will pay per click, how much we will spend per day, and overall how much we are budgeting per month. As the campaign gets underway, we have to examine the results to tweek the individual bid limits and spend for individual keywords and keyword phrases.

We design your ad. Google gives you a tiny amount of space with limited characters on each line. What do we put on the first line? Last line? We need to narrow down the very most important words to include, and we need to consider what will be the most effective catch phrase.

We build the keyword and key phrase list. We have to carefully consider. Does a phrase better describe a different business? Are we going to pay to capture the traffic someone who wants their attic cleared of squirrels, but the language is strikingly close to a bug removal service? We are spending your money and we have to make sure that you get a good return on your investment....or you will stop the campaign.

Google has to approve the campaign. We finish the campaign setup and submit to Google. They then come back and approve it or not. Sometimes they don't explain why they turned us down, we just have to figure it out ourselves.

We'll share the statistics with you. How many times did your ad come up on a viewers screen? How many times was it clicked on? What ended up being the average cost per click?

Want to go farther? Watch your campaign closer? We can set up a proxy phone number so that you can precisely measure how many calls the campaign generates. We can also set it up so those incoming calls are recorded, so you can listen to them later. Its a great way to see how your staff handles those all-important potential-client calls.

We offer all this with no long term contract. The risk? Its very small. If you are not happy with your campaign or results, all you need to do is call or email....and we can stop the campaign immediately. You will stop spending money, and have no further obligation. There are companies out there that will insist you commit to a longer term agreement. That's not how we do business. Let's get started on your campaign today.

Phone us at 1-888-881-3320 toll free